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   Close Quarter Defense Handgun Course:  (Upcoming Course -- 2023 Australia and USA)


This course is designed for Law Enforcement, Armed Security and Military combat officers.


A fast-paced shooting course for the Armed Security, LE & Military Operatives. This two-day course will take you to the next level of performance under realistic stress in the extreme close range of 0-5 Meters.


You will learn weapons positions, manipulations and integrated defensive manoeuvres that will become a second nature when under stressful situation. We will cover Combat footwork, reactive hand, positioning, mindset, speed drawing, contact retention, contact firing, shooting drills, threat scanning and multiple target acquisitions.  




Course Covers the Following topics:

  • Combative mindset

  •  Dynamic Point shooting concept

  •  360 degree shooting platform

  •  Threat focused reaction tactics

  •  Single Hand shooting drills

  •  Close contact shooting drills

  •  Multi target engagements

  •  Low light & Light assisted drills

  •  Recoil management

  •  Rapid target acquisition

  •  Multiple targets

  •  Balancing speed and accuracy

  •  Stress fire course

  •  Close contact firing positions

  •  Weapon retention tactics

  •  Malfunctions under stress

  •  Shoot /No shoot drills.

  • Simunition “FX” or UTM realistic scenarios

















    Advance Close Protection  Course :    Upcoming Course 2020 - Australia and USA 






 The Advanced Close Protection Training is an 5 to 10 days ( number of the days depends on trainees background) practical, theory, and hands-on Close Personal Protection training course.


 This course is ideal for international operators new to the bodyguard industry, or existing agents looking to refresh & polish skills, and anyone who desires to make themselves more marketable in the new global economy.  

The course offers excellent instruction into the professional side of close Protection work.  It is designed to ensure the security and protection of “Executives  /VIP's /Dignitaries & Celebrities”.     


 Operators will learn security planning, VIP and escort techniques for mobile and foot  operations, tactical first aid, communication methods, navigation, evasive driving manoeuvres, impact weapons, defensive Point Shooting for Close protection operations, ambush, and covert protection.  


 This course will be instructed by Internationally recognized instructors in the fields of Counter Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Close Protection with years of experience in this industry. CPP course includes real world problems, scenarios, and solutions based on hands-on experience and lessons learned while active in the industry.


 The course is customized to focus on domestic and/or International arenas.


Our CPP Course Covers The Following topics:


  • Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative.

  • Threat and risk assessment.

  • Close Protection team work.

  • Interpersonal skills.

  • Operational planning,

  • Reconnaissance,

  • Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance,

  • Use of Surveillance equipment.

  • Anti-Kidnapping procedures.

  • Surveillance awareness.

  • Use of Surveillance equipments.

  • Operational planning and Reconnaissance.

  • Route selection.

  • Tactical driving and Convoy driving.

  • Use of Close Protection vehicle techniques.

  • 360 degree security during movement .

  • Close Protection formations.

  • Use of impact weapons (Baton)

  • Unarmed combat - Kapap CQB Methodology.

  • Use of Firearms for Close protection Shooting drills IDPS.

  • Search procedures, security awareness and mindset.

  • IED & IED counter measures.

  • Ambush scenarios with use of simulations. (force on force)

  • Incidents and dilemmas.

  • Commun​ication skills.

  •  and more ...

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