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 "No man's knowledge here can go beyond his experience."



CYRUS STRATEGIES & TACTICS is an international training academy and specialist service provider.  We call on a vast depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to provide hyper-reality based training and specialized services.  We focus on defensive tactics applications and use of force.


At CYRUS STRATEGIES & TACTICS’ our training programs are based on actual experience using realistic scenarios.  Our staff members have real world experience in a wide range of environments and demanding operational situations.  We are constantly fine tuning and upgrading our CQB/CQD system and use of force training programs.  We ensure that they strictly adhere to all relevant local, Federal and International laws as well as operationally staying at the leading edge of best practice for law enforcement, military personnel and security operators worldwide.


All our tactical and specialized courses are designed for operatives and members  of security companies, Government security departments, Law Enforcement agencies, Military interested in upgrading their knowledge and capabilities.

Our training systems includes a well established and field proved curriculum and it is mainly based on live exercises and simulations.


 CSTI Instructors come from a vast background in training and operations, such as Australian Special Air Service regiment (SASR), Commando Units, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies (USA, AU & EU), IDF instructors, Diplomatic Security, High Risk and Special Security Operations with decades of training and operational experience.

Our training team members are currently licenced & certified instructors in firearms by Heckler and Koch, Police, Military, NRA (civilian and LE division), Baton & Handcuffs by ASP, Force on force by SIMIUNITION and UTM, OC spray by SABRE & GUARDIAN8, Stun Gun by TASER, Tactical driving by BMW, VDI, ACADEMI (Blackwater) and SWAT Operations by various LE Units.


 We believe that only a wise combination of strategy and tactical learning, with extensive and realistic training, can offer professional and practical solutions in modern high stress situations.


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