In 1969, the Firearms and Tactics Section of the New York City Police Department instituted a procedure for the in-depth documentation and study of police combat situations. It was designated Department Order SOP 9 (s. 69).


Data gathering began in January 1970, and over 6000 cases were studied during the 1970s. The study results and findings were released in 1981. The following sets out many of those that focus on shooting situations and shooting techniques.


Since the results became available, pistol...

November 22, 2015


Due to the latest events I was approached by many people asking for advice regarding what they needed to do in situations like we've seen in Paris, and more recent in Mali.


Coming from Israel where civilians are targeted by Terrorists on a daily basis. I decided to compile this document in order to share what I think is a realistic approach that can be taken by everyday civilians who want to maintain their freedoms and lifestyle, while keeping in mind that these events can happen everywhere at any time. Feel free to download and share thi...

October 20, 2015

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Miami-Dade Police Department has released dramatic surveillance video of a police-involved shooting at a Northwest Miami-Dade gas station in 2013 on the same day the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office officially closed the case.

September 9, 2015


S. L. A. Marshall observed “There can be no true economy of men‟s power on the battlefield unless there is respect for the natural physical limitations of the average individual.” In his 1950‟ classic, The Soldier‟s Load and the Mobility of a Nation, Marshall became one of the first to document the deterioration effect of survival stress on combat performance.


Since Marshall‟s observation in the 1950‟s, a substantial body of research has developed providing a framework for designing combat skills. Science now understands how a threat perce...

July 10, 2015


Officer Sonny Kim of the Cincinnati Police Department recently responded to a 911 call of a man acting erratically in public and armed with a gun. Upon Kim’s arrival the deranged individual fired at him. Officer Kim returned fire and both were struck and eventually died from their gunshot wounds.


I mourn his loss with the rest of our profession. While reading this tragic story it brought to mind the misconception held by the public that cops have some super human ability to disarm suspects in possession of a variety of weapons without reso...

It’s funny how in our line of work, sometimes we forget things that happened in our careers. I guess we have to move on and forget incidents as the next incident over shadows the past. It was only reading comments about carrying extra ammunition that a memory of an incident popped up.


The discussion entailed an officer carrying more than his allotted departmental issue of ammo. A harrowing shootout made him realize what the department issues and feels is adequate may not translate to the realities of what we encounter on the job, in the str...

June 30, 2014


Why can’t you just aim for the leg?  How many times have you heard that question from the public, the media or even a family member or friend?  Television and film consistently show action heroes flying through the air and rolling end over end while firing several rounds at a moving target with a 100% hit ratio.  If they can do it, why can’t we?


Hollywood is much different than reality, but we encounter many people on a daily basis who are surprised to find out we don’t have the technology they watch everyday on CSI.  So why are...

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